Alicia Minjarez Ramírez 
Poetess, Translator, Editor, Singer, 
Broadcast locution Radio and T.V.

She was born in Tijuana Baja California, Mexico. She studied a Master Degree in Computer Science, specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Master Degree in Computer Science at the University of Montpellier II, France.

Winner of a special mention at the International Poetry Prize NOSSIDE, Italy 2015, recognized by UNESCO. She won the Universal International Poet Award Pentasi B. World Friendship Poetry, Africa, Ghana 2016. Her poetry was Awarded in Spain in 2015.

She is the chief editor of the yearly world poetry anthology "Whispers of Soflay". Her poems were included on the XXI Century World Literature Book, Presented at New Delhi, India with Internationally renowned poets and writers.

Chief Executive Officer at Soflay Inc. a publishing house that provides services to the writers and poets and Mexican Director at Writers Capital International Foundation, an International foundation to inspire writers across the world to contribute to the values of humanity.

Coordinator and simultaneous translator French- Spanish- English at CUPHI III on the III Congress of Universal Hispano-American Poetry in Los Angeles, California, 2014. Participation in the 34th World Congress of Poets at Peru 2014. She participated in more than 30 International Poetic Anthologies at Chile, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, USA, India, Tunisia and Canada. Her poems have been published on International Journals and Reviews, such: Ila and Taourirt at Morocco, “The Poet” at Tunisia, Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS” in Albania, and the famous magazine OKAZ in Saudi Arabia.

Her poems have been translated into English, Cameroonian, Arabic, Portuguese and French. Have had read on International Poetry Recitals in several Countries around the world, and transmitted in National and International Radio programs.

In the field of translation, she has collaborated with International Poets and Writers providing versions of their literary works. Her translations were published in magazines and newspapers in: London, Italy, Albania, Taiwan, United States, Morocco, Chile, Spain, Canada, India, Uzbekistan and Hazaristan.

Member of the select International Group PENTASI B. WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY created by the father of the visual poetry: Doctor Penpen B. Takipsilim.

Dr. Rehmat Changaizi 
Poet, writer, editor and philosopher

He is the Chief Operations Officer at Soflay Inc., author of poetry books Mia Bella Dea and Bella Diosa and chief editor of the yearly world poetry anthology "Whispers of Soflay".

Rehmat Changaizi is a multilingual talented romantic poet . He is a polite, humble and broad minded personality. His locomotive poetic mind walked through every sphere of love , pain disdain and divine gain. His poetry creates lovely metaphor between the beauty of nature and his muse. Nature plays a vital role in most of his poems . His love poems make readers poetic whenever they read his poems . He has an amazing rhythm style of his own. His imagery creates magic by his dexterous hand.

Rehmat Changaizi 's profound poems remind us some famous poems of Victorian age. He maintains a nice balance between modern and traditional thoughts and enamor his readers by his poetry. He has a supreme power of imagination and creativity that able to make him a poet known by the world. Wish him more success for his soul catching love poems and for the the life ahead. .We know sky will be his limit. 

He discovered his love for writings at the tender age, graduated in Homeopathic medicine and graduated in Law from  M.I.U.  Azad Jammu & Kashmir.  He completed  master degree in Urdu literature from University of  Sargodha, Pakistan. The main theme of his writings is love and mysticism. His poems have been translated into French, Spanish, Chines, Polish and Arabic, and have also been published in several  journals, magazines and anthologies at national and international level.

Anna Fletcher
Chief Editor Soflay Literary Magazine
Poetess, Playwright  and Editor

English poet, playwright and full time carer, Anna Fletcher (1979), lives in Plymouth, UK and has a professional and academic background in Special Educational Needs. She completed her degree in Education with First Class Honors in 2012, whilst working as a special educational needs specialist in a local mainstream school and raising her son who has autism, ADHD and learning difficulties. Shortly after achieving her degree, Anna was forced to leave her career to become her son’s full time carer, due to lack of support, opportunity and full time education provision for her son. Since then, she has become a successful poet and an accomplished playwright, using creative writing as an opportunity to raise awareness and understanding of autism, as well as other mental health issues.
Anna is an advocate for improving well being and promoting positive understanding of mental health for disadvantaged individuals, with much of her poetry and plays reflecting this, but her work is not limited to this. Anna's poetry is also influenced by feelings and situations which are hard to deal with, she will explore and seek silver lining, lending a healing capacity and inspire personal growth to readers of her work.
Using her experience as a parent and as a professional, Anna is actively contributing to raising awareness of autism in the community. Anna's mini script, Three Voices of the School Run, featured in London’s Royal Court Theater's exhibition ‘Everyday Acts of Resistance’, marking the launch of her Autism Awareness Creative Campaign. Anna then developed this mini script in to a one act play, Three Voices Under the Spectrum, which was presented by The Play-writers, Plymouth, UK, in November 2016, along with some poems and a short story from her Creative Campaign in the hugely successful An Evening With.

Anna Fletcher published work
Dear Father Christmas, in ‘Christmas Poems’ and ‘Poets of the Year 2016’
The Coming of Spring, in ‘Springtime’ and ‘Poets of the Year 2016’
Porthmeor Beach, in ‘The Wider View 2016’ and Issue 4 Poetry Now Magazine (UK)
Megan’s Prayer, in ‘Aspects of Faith 2016’
Unfair Weather, in ‘The Epic Book of Poetry 2016’
The Mountain of You, in ‘National Poetry Anthology 2017’(currently in print)
Courtyard Compass, in ‘Moments of Inspiration 2016’ (currently in print)
Beneath A Spooktacular Moon, in ‘Halloween and Bonfire Night Collaboration’(currently in print)
Rainbows for Halos, in Issue 1 Poetry Now Magazine (UK)
What's with Autism and the Full Moon? In Issue 2 of Poetry Now Magazine (UK)
Beneath the Unfair Weather, booklet of poems for An Evening With… Anna Fletcher
Ten of the Best, (currently in print) a selection of Anna's poems with 9 other UK poets
Under The Spectrum, booklet of poems, plays and flash fiction for Anna’s Autism Awareness Creative Campaign
List of plays
Single or Return, co written with Plymouth Playwriters, performed by Playwriters Production Company in March 2015
Tasminia Flippin’ Hell, performed by Playwriters Production Company in July 2015
Three Voices of the School Run, in London’s Royal Court Theater exhibition of Everyday Acts of Resistance
Three Voices Under The Spectrum, performed by Playwriters Production Company in November 2016
No One’s Home Alone At Christmas, pantomime, written with Vikki Opie, performed by Hamoaze House, Plymouth
Another Dark Knight, co written with The Playwriters,  to be performed by the Playwriters Production Company in May 2017.

Dr. Tze-Min Tsai
Director of Asia 
Poet, Writer, Novelist and Translator
He was born in 1957 in Taiwan, holds a PhD. in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics. He has equal affection in science, mathematics and literature. The results are all reflected in academic and creative published simultaneously
He is an Associate Professor at Asian University of Taiwan, a columnist of several poetry journals, Director of Writers’ Capital International Foundation , Director of Asia at Soflay Inc., Member of Board of International Writers Association of Belgium, and English writer of BABELMATRIX International Multilingual Literature Portal.

His literary works include novels, prose, and poems. He specialize in describing nature, humanity’s love and affection through literary works. So often be referred to as “a green poet”. A large number of his works has been published in domestic and foreign literature publications and translated into English, French, Spanish, Albanian, Slovak, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish and other languages, in the relevant countries.
His Important published works include (Long Novel), , < Poems and writings in the life stories>, < The Expressions of Rubik’s Cube in Algebraic Groups>, ,, and ..

Winning records:
2014, “ The 2nd National Gene Wide-angle Mirror Contest ” Gold Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.)
2015, “The 3rd National Gene Wide-angle Mirror Contest” Bronze Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.)
2015, Changhua Provincial Bureau of Culture, “23-year Huangsi Literature, Changhua County Writers Award (Long novel) ” (Taiwan, R. O. C.)
2015, “The 38th China Times Newspaper Award” Essay Award (Taiwan, R. O. C.)
2015, National Hakka Committee “Tong Flower Award” Excellent Work of Prose (Taiwan, R. O. C.)
2016, Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Culture “12th Culture and Art Award” Excellent Work of Short Novel (Taiwan, R. O. C.)
2016, International Writers Association “2016 BOGDANI International Award for Outstanding Poets” (Belgium and Kosovo)

Luz María López
Director of Puerto Rico
 is writer of poetry, narrative, essays, translator, editor and cultural promoter.

Is Executive Director of World Festival of Poetry (WFP-IOC) and World Poetic Front Defending Women’s Rights (WM); Member of the Organizing Committee of the International Book Fair in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico (FILEMH); Poets on the March (Puerto Rico); President for Spain and Puerto Rico of Writers Capital Foundation; Honorary Consul for the International Parliament of Writers from Cartagena de Indias (Colombia); WM-FeminIstanbul; Ambassador at Large and Director General of World Institute for Peace (WIP) to Puerto Rico and USA. Luz María has been recipient of two honors: “Universal Inspirational Poet”, by Pentasi B, Accra, Ghana, 2016 and Shaan-E-Adab “Glory of Literature” by Kafla Intercontinental, Udaipur, India 2016.

She has organized many poetic actions in Puerto Rico and hosted Poetic Sanctuaries abroad. An assiduous participant of International Poetry Festivals and International Writers’ Congresses, has traveled to many countries. Is the author of two poetry books: “Beneath Your Skin”, written in English, and “La Hora del Vuelo” (The Flight Hour), in Spanish. Is Editor in Chief, compiler – translator of the anthology “Poetic Voices of New Century” (Spanish edition, 2016), published by Kafla Intercontinental Press, India. Her poetries have been issued in several renowned international publications and anthologies. Many of her poems are translated to Arabic, Italian, French, Chinese and Turkish. Other books in the style of narrative and social poetry will be released soon. As advocate for women’s issues, has contributed with various academic articles in the line of psycho-social aspects of the genre, published in many countries and languages. The essay “Heritage of Latin American Women Writers” is her topic presentation at the XXI International Writers Congress in Udaipur, India (2016) and has been published as well.
Holds degrees in biology and psychology and is a certified Conflict Resolution Mediator.
She studied at the University of Puerto Rico and Eugenio María de Hostos Law School. Luz María believes that poetry can heal the world and poets do have a social responsibility towards humankind.
Mohamad Chadi
Director of Egypt
 Poet, plays writer, journalist and photographer

Born in 17 October 1968 in Cairo, Egypt. He is the Director of documentary And researcher in folklore. He graduated from the Faculty of communication at the University of Cairo in 1995, Department of public relations and advertising. He is a member of the Independent Film Association (Indie Club) at the United States. Among his works are Loghaesmaha wattan (a language called (the fatherland), published in 2002, Bahsan ani (seeking me), published in 2008, and Hadith fil-echq (words of love). He participated in 17 private photography exhibitions in Egypt, the United States and Mexico. He is winner of the tourism mondialedu Day in 2007.

He wrote the Words of Love - Autobiography of a Heart Words of love. In the footsteps of the verses of Ibn Arabi, the young poet Mohamad Shadi rhymes his verses entitled Hadith fil-echq (words of love, autobiography of a heart). The Sufi voice is mingled with the primitive passion of an Adam and a Eve.

Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon (TGO)
Director of Nigeria
Nigerian poet and a literary critic.

 He is an international multi-award winner – Awarded the World Poetry Ambassador to Nigeria {Canada} 2013, nominated as Inspirational Poet of the Year by World Friendship Celebration (Pentasi 😎 Philippines 2013, won the Write Share Be Read Second International Poetry Competition with his poem “REMEMBER O’YE GODS”; as one of the Top Five Poets in category A and was published in First Female online magazine, United Kingdom 2013, placed in the top ten in the Rabindranath Tagore Award – International English Poetry Competition (India) 2014. awarded the World Poetry
Cultural Youth Peace Ambassador Award 2014, awarded Creative Writers Association of Nigeria Poetry Literary Award 2014, ranked third in Anchors Bible competition 2014, nominated for El-Hibri Foundation Peace Education Prize 2015, nominated as director of World Poetry Movement (Mexico) 2015 and 2016 Pentasi B universal poet of the year (Ghana). Gabriel is the founder of World Poetry Peace Zone (A subsidiary of World Poetry Canada and International) where writers from corners of the world ink to propagate peace and constructively criticize works of their fellow writers respectively. He is also a member of international groups and organizations
like World Poetry Canada and International, Splendors of Dawn poetry Foundation, Pentasi B World Friendship Celebration, World Poetry Movement and many more. Most of Gabriel’s works have been featured in many international anthologies and journals: He is the brain behind Muse for World Peace Anthology (An anthology of poets propagating peace) and finally, he is a published author with his first book entitled “Call for Retreat” 2013.

Director of India
Poetess, writer and translator

She is an English Poetry writer from India. She was born on 21.1.1977 in Kolkata (previous Calcutta), India. Her father and mother were teachers and she brought up in an ethical and cultural background. Her father was a Bengali Poetry writer but he never got proper appreciation that he deserved.  At the age of 8 Sumana lost her mother and her mother left two daughters all alone in this world. With many ups and downs she grew together with her elder Sister.
In the year 1998 Sumana Bhattacharjee graduated under "Calcutta University with Honors in Bengali Literature.  Then she completed "Secretarial Practice” Course under "George Telegraph Training Institute ‘. Kolkata. But from very childhood she had a keen interest in English Literature.  So again she started to study for Master in English.
But after her father's retirement to maintain the financial status of the family she engaged herself in a job of Private Ltd. Co. Due to the hard work of a private concern she forced to leave her study. But after her marriage she resigned from the job and started to write short stories and poetry in her leisure. But she in laws family was orthodox so she never shared her pen in public media. But she always loved to fight for where she is right and she beloved God is there to help her out. In 2015 just to communicate her singer cousin sister , Jayashree Majumdar who stays in America she opened a Facebook account . Just to share her pen she secretly started to share her pen without her identity.  But soon people starts her pen and one of her poetess friend advises her that without your identity your talent is futile . So soon she started to write with her own identity.  Within 6 months she became an administrator of 3 poetry groups and she created a poetry group of her own "World of Poetry and Prose ".
Many of her poems have been published in several anthologies and her name has been included in "Galaxy of Poets " by Agron Shele.
She named some of her poet friends who always worked as an inspiration of her life like Alicia Minjarez Ramírez, Nandita Samanta,  Dr. Prerna Singla and Ron Dubour.
She is passionate about poetry and music. Although her mother tongue is Bengali she loves to write poems in English mostly . She is also comfortable in Hindi. She wants to give all credits of her success to her father Gouranga Bhattacharjee. She thinks she is nothing but to him .
She loves poetry as she loves God and thinks there is no key of success without hard work and honesty. She wants to create a poet organization accompanied by her poet friends in Kolkata and wish to continue her literally effort till her last sleep!

Director of Mexico
Writer, poet, theater actor

 Fernando Jose born in Leon Guanajuato Mexico on April 21, 1977, Fernando studied the degree in communication within the Latin American University Leon. He has written poetry from 14 years of age and published several of his writings in the most important newspapers in his hometown, cultural magazines California, Leon, Guanajuato capital and Zacatecas, USA. He is currently involved as administrator of various literary groups, publishing his poems in social networks, participating in various anthologies published in Black Island, Chile and stories in Madrid Spain with poets of America and Europe, He has also recited their texts in radio programs in Montevideo, Chicago, Barcelona and Buenos Aires.

Alicja Maria Kuberska 
Director of Poland
Poetess, novelist, journalist, editor

She was born in 1960, in Świebodzin, Poland. Now she lives in Inowrocław, Poland.
In 2011 she published her first volume of poems, entitled: ‘The Glass Reality’. Her second volume ‘Analysis of Feelings’ was published in 2012. The third collection ‘Moments’ was published in English in 2014, both in Poland and in the USA. In 2014 she also published a novel – ‘Virtual Roses’ – and another collection of poems ‘On the Border of Dream’. Next year her volumes entitled “ Girl in the Mirror “ was published in the UK, “ Love me “ and “(Not) my poem” in the USA .In 2015 she also edited anthology entitled “ The Other Side of the Screen”. In 2016 she published two volumes – Taste of Love in English and Thief of dreams in Polish.
Her poems have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines in Poland, the USA, the UK, Canada, India, Italy, Israel and Australia. She is awarded Polish poet. Her poems are noticed abroad too. She was the featured poet of New Mirage Journal (USA) in the summer of 2011. Her poem ‘Train’ was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2011. In 2014, her poem was mentioned in the international competition, Nosside. In the 2015 her poem “ Thief of dreams” won the medal in Nosside competition .This year also poem “ The dance on the dew” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She was the featured poet of magazine “ The year of the poem “ March 2015.
Alicja has written 8 mono-dramas and a play for teenagers. The mono-drama ‘Cousin’ won the first prize in Kołobrzeg in 2013.
Alicja is a member of the Polish Writers Association in Warsaw. She was one of two editors. 

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