Interview Alicia Minjarez

Soflay: What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?  Tell their names.

Alicia:  Fortunately I have the great blessing to have  true friends, some of them are writers, others are not.  It's hard to talk about names because each one  of them is an example to follow, undoubtedly they have contributed to me with so many things:  friendship, joy, confidence, strength, constancy ... Good friends  vibrate in our own tune, and they  stay with us to travel this difficult long road of poetry and letters.

Soflay:  Do you have a favorite love poem? If so, what is it and who wrote it?

Alicia:  I don´t  have a single poem of love in particular, but I can tell you that I love the poetry of Hafiz, Rumi, William Blake, Novalis and Pablo Neruda. Poets who have transcended and who are a wonderful source of inspiration for generations to come.

Soflay:  Do you read fiction, and if so, what are you reading now? tell us about your favorite novels

Alicia:  Yes I love so much all the Egyptian historical novels of  Christian Jacq,  He is an Egyptologist and writer of fiction, PhD in Egyptology at La Sorbonne and initiated in Free masonry;  He is a great expert in the time of Pharaoh Ramesses II, I have read all his French books, I  love them!  Also  I love so much all the novels of Dan Brown.
 area only. I hope to write essays in the near future.

Soflay:  If your poetry were a Cycle, what make, model, color and year would it be?

Alicia: My poetry would have all the colors of the spectrum of the rainbow It will have, not just a particular color. With lively feelings to blossom in  a beautiful vision on a rainy sunny day. Each color would reflect a feeling, they are renewed every day, like the water of a river, always flows,  and  never static.

Soflay:  What things would you give up to become a better author?

Alicia: I would leave my comfort zone to live the real problems we have in several parts of the world.  I would engage in activism to defend the rights of children and women and I will bring a message of love to every people on earth, regardless of language, overcome language barriers to promote Peace through my letters.

Soflay:  What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

Alicia:  All started when my best friend from Iran asked me: Why don´t you write a book? It was a detonating question. And I took an ontological coaching course and the coach asked me? What stops you to write your book?
Then I understood that all our limitations are mental, as Hermes Trimegist said "Everything is mind." I made a long list of all the things I thought I could not realize, with limiters of all kinds,  I changed  my mind,  I learned to think always in positive!  And I changed all my limitations by 4 words: "I can do it!"  And here I am struggling to get my dreams.

Soflay: What is your future plan about writing?

Alicia:   I feel that I am a very hyperactive person, I really enjoy doing different things at the same time,  I like the challenges!  I am currently working on the writing of my second book of poems and I am writing a fiction novel. I do not want to stay in one.

Alicia Minjarez Ramírez
Multi-award-winning poetess. She was born in Tijuana Baja California, Mexico.  Winner of a special mention at the International Poetry Prize NOSSIDE Italy 2015. Her poems have been translated into: English, French, Taiwanese, Albanian, Cameroonian, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and Polish. And published in more than 40 International Anthologies, journals and magazines around the world. 

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